A paradise on earth, a place that will leave you spellbound with its stunning beauty and natural charm. From the lush green tea plantations and misty hills to the exotic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes,Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or just seeking some peace and quiet, Munnar has something for everyone.

Munnar Journal

We arrived at the Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat in Munnar in the morning, excited to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of the place. The retreat is located in the midst of tea plantations and surrounded by lush greenery. The cool breeze and the refreshing aroma of tea leaves filled the air, making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
We were warmly welcomed by the staff, who gave us a brief about the retreat and the services offered. We were taken to our room, which was spacious and well-furnished, with a comfortable bed and a balcony that offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills.
After freshening up, we headed to the restaurant for a healthy breakfast. The food was delicious and prepared using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. We were impressed by the variety of options available, including vegan and gluten-free meals.
We then went for a nature walk, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who showed us around the tea plantations and pointed out various medicinal plants and herbs. We learned a lot about the flora and fauna of the region, and the walk was a perfect way to start our wellness journey.
In the afternoon, we attended a yoga session, which was led by a skilled instructor. The session was relaxing and helped us connect with our inner selves. The retreat also offers Ayurvedic massages, which we took advantage of in the evening. The massage was soothing and rejuvenating, leaving us feeling refreshed and energized.
We started the day with a meditation session, which was guided by a trained meditation teacher. The session was calming and helped us clear our minds of any stress and worries. We then went for a trek to the nearby waterfall, which was a thrilling experience. The trek was challenging, but the view of the waterfall was worth the effort.
In the afternoon, we attended a cooking class, where we learned to prepare healthy and nutritious meals using Ayurvedic principles. The class was informative, and we were impressed by the variety of dishes that can be made using locally sourced ingredients.
Later in the evening, we attended a wellness workshop, where we learned about various wellness practices and their benefits. The workshop was informative and inspiring, and we left with a deeper understanding of how we can incorporate wellness practices into our daily lives.
Overall, our two days at the Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat in Munnar were a perfect blend of relaxation and wellness. The retreat offers a variety of activities and services that cater to the needs of different individuals. We left the retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to incorporate wellness practices into our daily routine.

Lets get more in detail...

It depends on from where you are travelling , still here we are mentioning the way from Kochi.
You can get  a self drive car and drive directly to Munnar

Or Use Public transport – KSRTC bus


Tea Estate
Bird Watching

We Stayed at Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat and we liked it very much . They have many activities you can participate

Also the vegetarian cuisine they have is amazing.

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