We arrived Iceland by Flight from Tallinn to Reijyavik via Riga. We met our friends there at Airport and had a good plan on how to spend days in Iceland.Here we share our detailed Itinerary for our first two days, which was around the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle

Day 1:

Arriving Reijyavik

We flew from Tallinn to Reijyavik by Airbaltic. You can find the best option for you from here. Reijyavik is the main airport in Iceland.

Getting Our Car

The best option to travel around Iceland is the road trip, and its possible if we have a car or camper van with us.So, we already booked a car from BlueCarRentals. I suggest to book the car in advance. The pick up is near the airport, there is shuttle to the rental cars point from airport. Once we got the car, check everything take enough photos, make sure everything is good and report if something is not right. Yaay ! We got the car and all set for the Trip.


Blue Lagoon

After this long journey, we thought the best way to start the trip is getting relaxed first. So the famous Blue Lagoon Spa is our choice. Booked our tickets in advance, bluelagoon-site. We choose the basic package but there are other options, We can spend a good time there relaxing the rest of the day and this adds to get the spirit of the fun trip ahead.

Reaching Our Stay in Selfoss

After the relaxing Spa, we went to our first Stay, and this was a beautiful location. We got a beautiful sunset when we went for a walk that evening, was a nice end of the day and starting day of our

Day 2:


Today, morning our first destination is ÞINGVELLIR National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site. It is historical landscape with natural beauty as well. Went to the Öxaráfoss waterfall, the very first waterfall we saw here. Have to walk a bit here, which is inevitable in almost everywhere in Europe. We can see different tectonic plates here, river , gorges.

The Golden Circle holds the title of Iceland’s most sought-after tourist route, spotlighting three key landmarks: Gullfoss, famously known as the ‘Golden Waterfall’; the Haukadalur Geothermal Valley, renowned for its multitude of springs and geysers; and Þingvellir National Park, the singular UNESCO World Heritage Site on Iceland’s mainland, serving as the esteemed birthplace of the nation’s parliament.

Kerið crater:

An approximately, three thousand years old crater having red sloped. Kerið spans roughly 55 meters (180 feet) in depth, 170 meters (558 feet) in width, and boasts a circumference of 270 meters (886 feet). Visitors can follow a trail leading directly to the crater’s rim, offering a complete circuit around its perimeter, and even descend to the crystal-clear waters of the crater lake below. Would need to take a ticket from the entrance(Around 3-4 euro per person).


It is an iconic hot spring located within the geothermal expanse of Haukadalur Valley, situated in southwest Iceland. There is no admission ticket here. You can see different geysir. We waited some time to watch the higher eruption which is so nice to watch, since it comes very naturally.


Our final destination is this beautiful waterfall for the day. It is named as the Golden waterfall and is the one of the magnificient Waterfalls in Iceland , Hvítá river canyon in Southwest Iceland.

The water of Hvítá river embarks on its journey from the Langjökull glacier, culminating in a breathtaking cascade of 32 meters (105 feet) as it plunges down Gullfoss’ two tiers, showcasing the awe-inspiring might of nature.

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