"A dream destination for everyone who loves to be in a winter wonderland, play with snow and experience winter activities and chase the beautiful aurora"

Nearest Airport

Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) is the most popular and very near to the Santa Claus Village. The other airports are in Kittilä(KTT), Ivalo(IVL), Kuusamo(KAO), Kemi-Tornio(KEM). You can decide where to fly depending on the places you planning to visit.

    • From Rovaniemi Airport, there is Santa Express bus to the city Center or Santa Claus Village.
    • Different Car rental services are also available at Airport, better is to book them in advance and drive around the wonderland of winter. 
    • There are different winter activities around all these different airports.Consider all options and plan the trip accordingly

Santa Claus Village

As it is the place of the official Santa Claus, everything here is very much expensive. but if you want to just Visit Santa, Its free. If you need to get the photo with him then you need to pay some amount for that and our cameras are not allowed there. A post office is there, you can send post card wishes from Santa to your loved ones.

Arctic Circle crossing point is here where a live camera is available through which your dear and near ones are able to see you which is a good memory. 

There are different activities like visiting huskies, riding the huskies, feeding them , petting them, Snow mobile safari, which you can book either in advance or direct on site and enjoy.  

Saariselka Days

Spend time with Huskies, did Husky safari , which was in freezing winter and an amazing experience. After that got time to pet them too which was so nice. Even though I am afraid of dogs, I was enjoying there.

This is not at all an easy sport to learn but happy that atleast one time in my life I could try and the trainers were so patient and willing to help and being with us.

  • Ice Fishing
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire making basics
Learning these arctic skills was fun and was group activities, Even though we could not catch any fish, atleast we learned how to make the hole in the ice , made fire , together made a shelter

It was kind of learning session about the story of Reindeers, how they live and how well are they kept by each owners, followed by a fun event.

In the evening, we did this activity. We walked inside the forest wandered around with a very lively group and a good guide with us. Finally at one point, we were asked to lie down in the snow and look to the Sky with beautiful stars and it was such a mesmerising thing to do. In a very silent forest, we all relaxed a bit and then came back 

Ever dipped yourself in the Arctic Ocean straight from sauna at a freezing cold temperature?

This was the activity we did. Never imagined myself doing this but it was fun too.

Then we went staright to Bugoynes and we were served with Homemade soup

Chasing the magical Aurora Borealis

Who does not want to witness this magical phenomenon happening in the sky?

Yes. This is a much awaited moment for many people around the globe, and ours too. Starting from days when planning for this trip or even before that, we were thinking about this and many questions always follow. Whether we will be lucky enough to see that? Will the magic happen that time when we visits? Will our phones be enough to capture? and the list goes…

So, we decided to go for the “Aurora Hunt” from Day 1 night. We found out the Aurora Hut, where many people were waiting there to witness the same and for a relief, there was a fireplace too. After walking so much in such a cold weather and snow everywhere, this was the perfect place. We, like every others were going out time to time, checking and nothing was much visible. At some point, we concluded that there is something behind, but the clouds are covering it. Then went back to the stay. The very next day, after having food and everyone was about to go to bed, suddenly we saw a green shade through the window By the time we dressed up and came out, the activity ended and we just walked a bit and came back. Luckily the next day, we saw the beauty from just outside our house and we just could not believe our eyes. It was so stunning. And another day, we went up to a top point in Saariselka, and since it was very cold and could not stand much time there, we started moving down. Then at one point we suddenly stopped and watched the sky, suddenly took our phones captured the beauty. It was even longer than previous one and very bright. Aurora dancing was perfect and I wish everyone could see this atleast once in a lifetime. Thankfully we could witness and capture those moments.

Some of the photo moments are shown here 

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