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What can I expect from Czechia?

Czechia, located in the heart of Central Europe, is a nation of captivating contrasts. Its enchanting capital, Prague, with its medieval architecture, stands alongside a thriving modern economy known for its industrial prowess and automotive manufacturing. This country, a blend of history and innovation, boasts a rich cultural heritage, producing literary giants like Franz Kafka and musical maestros such as Antonín Dvořák. With a stunning landscape of rolling plains and towering mountains, including Krkonoše National Park, and a deep-rooted beer culture, Czechia offers a beguiling mix of historical charm, natural beauty, and contemporary vitality.

Things to See and Do in Czechia

Český Krumlov
Karlštejn Castle
Kutná Hora
Karlovy Vary
Krkonose National Park

“The Historic Buildings”

“The City View”

Typical Costs When Travelling


  • Budget Travel (hostels, budget hotels, pensions): €20 – €50 per night
  • Mid-range Travel (3-star hotels, boutique hotels): €50 – €100 per night
  • Luxury Travel (4 or 5-star hotels, spa resorts): €100 – €250+ per night


  • Street Food and Casual Dining: €5 – €10 for a meal
  • Mid-range Restaurants: €10 – €20 for a meal (including a drink)
  • Fine Dining: €30+ for a multi-course meal at a high-end restaurant


  • Public Transportation (buses, trams, subway): €1 – €2 per ticket
  • Intercity Bus or Train: €10 – €30 for a one-way ticket between major cities (e.g., Prague to Brno)
  • Taxis: Starting fare around €2.50, with additional charges per kilometer
  • Rental Car: Approximately €30 – €60 per day for a basic car rental

It’s a good idea to research current prices and exchange rates before your trip and have some local currency (Czech koruna) on hand for smaller purchases. Additionally, consider purchasing a Prague Card or regional transport passes, which can offer savings if you plan to visit many attractions or use public transportation frequently.

Money Saving Tips

Avoid Tourist Traps Be cautious of restaurants and shops in heavily touristy areas, as they tend to have higher prices. Venture a bit off the beaten path to discover more affordable and authentic experiences.
Visit Smaller Towns While Prague is a must-visit, consider exploring smaller towns and rural areas, where prices are often more budget-friendly, and you can experience a more authentic Czech culture.
Discount Cards Look into city-specific discount cards or passes that offer free or discounted admission to multiple attractions. The Prague Card, for instance, provides savings on various museums and transportation in the capital.
Use Public Transportation Czechia has an efficient and cost-effective public transportation system. In cities like Prague, consider purchasing a travel pass or transport card for unlimited access to trams, buses, and the metro. It's often more affordable than individual tickets.