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Exploring Chocolates, Castles, and Culture

Belgium, nestled in the heart of Europe, is a country of captivating contrasts and rich cultural diversity. It is renowned for its delectable chocolates, intricate lacework, and a bewildering array of beers that delight the senses. The picturesque medieval towns of Bruges and Ghent beckon with cobblestone streets and historic charm, while cosmopolitan Brussels serves as a hub of European politics and culture. Belgium’s artistic legacy boasts luminaries like René Magritte and famous comic characters like Tintin. The country’s multilingual landscape, with Dutch, French, and German as official languages, reflects a unique blend of heritage and modernity. Belgium is a tapestry of history, culinary delights, and architectural wonders that continues to enchant and inspire visitors from around the world.

Things to See and Do in Begium

Explore Brussels
Visit Bruges
Tour Ghent
Beer Tasting
Chocolatier Tours
Waffle Tasting
Lakes and Canals

“Medieval charm of Ghent ”

“Beauty of Belgium’s Grand Place”

Typical Costs When Travelling


  • Budget Travelers: Hostels and budget hotels can cost anywhere from €20 to €60 per night.
  • Mid-Range Travelers: Expect to pay around €80 to €150 per night for three-star hotels or boutique accommodations.
  • Luxury Travelers: Upscale hotels and luxury options can range from €200 to €500 or more per night.


  • Budget Travelers: Street food and fast food can be as low as €5 to €10 per meal. Dining in budget-friendly restaurants may cost around €15 to €30 for a meal.
  • Mid-Range Travelers: Dining in mid-range restaurants may cost between €30 to €70 for a three-course meal for one person.
  • Fine Dining: High-end restaurants and Michelin-starred establishments can cost €100 or more for a multi-course meal.
  • Public Transportation: Public transportation is efficient in Belgium. A single-trip ticket on trams and buses in most cities costs around €3. A day pass or multi-day pass is more cost-effective for frequent travelers.
  • Train Travel: Traveling between cities by train is convenient, with ticket prices varying based on the distance. For example, a one-way train ticket between Brussels and Bruges may cost around €15 to €30.
  • Car Rental: Renting a car can be relatively expensive, with costs varying depending on the type of car and rental duration. Expect to pay at least €40 to €60 per day, excluding fuel and parking.

Belgium is known for its high-quality food and beverages, so dining and enjoying local specialties may be a highlight of your trip, but it can also contribute to higher expenses. To save money, consider booking accommodations and transportation in advance, using public transport, and opting for budget-friendly dining options.

Money Saving Tips

Buy City Cards Belgium has an efficient and well-connected public transportation system. Purchase multi-day transport passes or city cards for discounts on trams, buses, and trains. Consider the Rail Pass for unlimited train travel.
Stay outside the busy city center. Consider choosing a place to stay that is located in a quieter area outside of the crowded and lively city center. This can often provide a more peaceful and relaxed environment for your accommodation
Discount Cards Consider purchasing discount cards like the Brussels Card or Antwerp City Card, which provide access to multiple attractions and public transportation at a reduced rate.
Shop Smart Look for local markets and supermarkets for affordable groceries and souvenirs. Avoid buying souvenirs in Shop Smart: tourist-heavy areas, as prices tend to be higher.